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Learning and Teaching Linguistic Ethnography

How does one become a successful “linguistic ethnographer”?  How can/should we teach the linguistic ethnographic concepts, methods and analytic dispositions?  How can/should we facilitate the appropriation of linguistic ethnography by researchers from across the social sciences? This workshop explores these questions, and includes (a) discussion of practices from the University of Birmingham, Lancaster University, the Open University and the Ethnography, Language and Communication Researcher Development Initiative; (b) discussion of key issues arising from these presentations and from participants’ experiences; (c) participation of Frederick Erickson, Professor of Social Research Methodology, UCLA, who will serve as discussant.

Date: 19 March 2010

Fee: £15

Venue: University of Birmingham

Registration: Places in the workshop are strictly limited, so potential participants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, and no later than 15th February 2010.  For registration, please send to a brief note outlining your experience with teaching linguistic ethnography.

Organizing team: Jeff Bezemer (Imperial College London); Adrian Blackledge, Angela Creese and Marilyn Martin-Jones (University of Birmingham); Adam Lefstein (Institute of Education University of London); Janet Maybin and Theresa Lillis (Open University); Ben Rampton (King’s College London); and Karin Tusting (Lancaster University).




Five-day course for advanced research students integrating ethnography with language and communication research.

One-day workshops for students and established researchers, focused on health, migration, education and new media.

One-day masterclasses featuring international scholars doing cutting edge research.