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key concepts and methods 2010

This five-day course introduces advanced research students and recent post-doctoral researchers to a range of perspectives and tools employed in the ethnographic study of language and communication. Sessions included workshops, data sessions, lecture presentations and discussions.

The programme is taught by an international team, from four leading research institutions: Prof Ben Rampton (Director), Prof Jan Blommaert, Dr Adam Lefstein, Dr Jeff Bezemer, Prof Carey Jewitt, Prof Celia Roberts.

If you are researching social processes, institutions, culture or identity, but are unsure about how to analyse the discourse data from your fieldwork, then consider joining this five day research training course.
The programme is designed to help researchers navigate the twin perils of over- and under-interpreting discourse data. It introduces a range of key perspectives and tools used to study language and communication ethnographically and it facilitates the study of social practice in a wide range of different settings – education, workplace, recreation, health etc. Initiated with ESRC funding in 2007, this will be our third annual ELC five-day course.

Date: 19-23 July 2010

Location: London

Course fees: £750

Accommodation fees: £265
Additional nights accommodation are charged at £40 per night.

Some bursary funds are available to offset cost of tuition and will be divided among applicants with demonstrated need, who have exhausted other available sources of funding. Successful applicants will be notified in April and invited to submit bursary applications very soon afterwards.

We give priority to people:
- who are either in the second year of their PhD or will have collected qualitative discourse data by July 2010
- whose work seems most likely to benefit from the training input

Registration: Please visit


Detailed information about the 2008 edition of the course can be found in the syllabus of the course.




Five-day course for advanced research students integrating ethnography with language and communication research.

One-day workshops for students and established researchers, focused on health, migration, education and new media.

One-day masterclasses featuring international scholars doing cutting edge research.